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Welcome to my my web site about do you need a healthcare administration degree? my Sci-Fi Models, and other things that interest me.

This site is about modeling Sci-Fi craft and things like your nr1 choice for wholesale candles from Lost In Space, Star Wars, Star Trek and many others.  As this site grows, it'll feature resources for building plastic kit models.  Feel free to I'm Frozen like in the movie lol send me pictures and information about your models and I'll post them here for all to see.  If you know of any resources, or are making some parts available, let me know and I'll start a resources page.


Now, as I write my last canvas set Inside Art column for The Times, not only is the market many times stronger but the overall canvas is also considerably larger, with higher prices, bigger galleries, more acquisitive museums.

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There are plenty of blogs and play juegos friv free sites out there that discuss tabletop game design. Interesting stuff, but since there's a lot of overlap between that and videogame design, I'll skip most of it and simply point to James Mathe's overview where he presents a high-level introduction followed by links to tons of resources on the subject. (eg. Board Game Designers Forum, a great place to discuss tabletop design with other designers, and of course zombie games BoardGameGeek, which has not only the most complete board game database on the planet, but forums where you can discuss anything related to playing or creating board games.) A great news feed I now follow is Cardboard Edison. I didn't dig into the app games archives the way I did with James's and Jamey's blogs, but they're a great way to stay on top of interesting news and resources as they appear. I don't tend to watch a lot of vidcasts, as most of them ramble too much for my tastes, but one great, new vidcast on the subject of creating total jerkface and publishing a board game is The Forbidden Limb. Their casts are about 20 minutes apiece, and the density of useful information and advice they present is awesome.

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For those of you who don't know JUEGOS!!!, this is the Space Pod from the 1960's Happy Wheels anyone? TV series "Lost In Space."

Download paper cut-out model
of the Space Pod here!

"Hey, who's drivin' this thing?!"


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