Modeling Links

These are a few modeling links of interest I've dug up.

bulletLunar Models
Sells a wide variety of garage kits.  Excellent source for Irwin Allen kits.  I have WAY too many of Lunar's kits.  Building their kits taught me how to build resin and styrene kits.  Their kits can be built by a novice, but you'll make mistakes.  I know, I have two Seaviews, and only one is well built!
bulletComet Miniatures
Looking for import models?  Call them, but they're in England so account for the time zone differences.  I ordered my Wallace & Gromit kits from them.  Nice folks.  English accent.  Say no more!
bulletD. F Howard

Sells Sci-Fi kits and Jupiter 2 Fusion core light kits for Polar Lights and Lunar Models.  I have the light kits in 3 of my J2 models, and they're great.  Check out their links page as well for great info!
bulletMonsters in Motion
They sell a wide variety of kits and are very friendly.  Got their 18" XL5 model and it's really nice.
bulletSkyhook Models

Sells Garage kits of various Sci-Fi ships and replacement seats & landing pads for the Polar Lights Jupiter 2.  Excellent kit of Futurama's Planet Express delivery ship!
bulletCultTVman's Modeling Page
Can't say enough about his site, except I should have started up my web programming a few years earlier!  If you're looking for something, someone on his site will know where it is. 
bulletThomas Models
I've order product from them before and it took a while, but they seem to be getting caught up on orders.  Great source for Star Trek decals.
bulletJim James's Polar Lights Jupiter 2 Decal Set
Off CultTVman's site.  Download and print yourself, or order a set ready to go.
What can't be done with these great little tools?  I have the portable one and it does 90% of the work on my kits.

Modeling Stuff I'd like to try but haven't:

bulletThe Fluorescent Co./FLO-CO
This company sells fluorescent lights in pencil & toothpick diameters.  Light up those tight spots in any kits with these!  I'm this close to buying a bunch for my Enterprise kits.
bulletFederation Models

Distributors of Resin Starship Model Kits.  If I had the time and the money... I'd have just about every kit on this site.  Looks good and their stuff has been recommended by others.  
bulletFalcon Kits
They make new parts for the Star Wars AMT/Ertl Millennium Falcon that really make it look like the studio model.  New side panels and cockpit interior.  I've had the conversion kit for about a year now and haven't had the time to finish it, but it looks really great.
bulletBel Inc. Model Decal Paper
White and Clear Decal paper for Ink Jet and dye sublimation printers.

Some Lost In Space links:

bulletThe Good Friars Page
Has a variety of 3D rendering from Sci-Fi themes, including Lost In Space.  Nice renderings of what the Pod, Chariot & Gemini 12 would look like if they were included in the LIS movie from 1998.
bulletRodney's Lost in Space - The TV Series
A nice site dedicated to the original series.  Some interesting links as well.
bulletRodney's Lost in Space - The Motion Picture
Same guy, has two sites.  This one is about the movie obviously.  Great selection of movie images.
bulletThe Lost in Space Australia Fan Club
Huge site with lots of interesting facts and stuff.  Amazing how big LIS is around the world!  Even a sneak peek at a proposed new LIS TV series.
bulletAlpha Control Home Page
If you want the chance to actually see the original Jupiter 2 viewport set, these people have it!  If you're in their area, go see it.

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