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In 1965, at age 8, I fell in love with Lost In Space.  Of course, who wouldn't like the family orientated storylines or even the goofy aliens, but it was not the Robot or Will Robinson or Dr. Smith that I adored, but the mighty Jupiter 2 herself.   I immediately started to make models out of aluminum pie pans by stapling them together and drawing in the windows.

Then in 1986, quite by accident, I picked up a StarLog magazine, which I almost never read, and saw a small classified ad in the back for an 16" model of the Jupiter 2!  I nearly died.  After 20 years, I was going to find a kit of the Jupiter!  

Enter Lunar Models into my life.  I called them immediately and I ordered it on the spot.  And when it arrived, I was completely amazed at the lack of detail and instructions!  I had never built a garage kit before and didn't have a clue how to build it!  Back to Lunar!  After much talking long distance to Texas from Chicago, I finally gained a small shred of information on how to build the thing!  At long last, I had a model of the Jupiter 2!  This started my "career" at building Jupiter 2 kits.

And you didn't think the Jupiter 2 had three levels?  Guess again! 

I will have models of all types on here from Lunar Models, Polar Lights and AMT/Ertl mostly, but a few other garage kits have crept into my collection here and there.  At last count, I have 8 different models of the classic Jupiter 2, ranging from 1" inch (yes, inch) to 24" inches.  I have three models of the movie Jupiter 2, which unlike many die-hard LIS fans, I really liked the new Jupiter a lot.  I have countless Robots in toy versions and model alike.  And, I've actually started to run out of room in my home and office for these kits.  Oh, the pain!


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