My PAIAs 1978 Catalog


What you have stumbled upon is a tribute to a piece of equipment that a small electronics firm manufactured in the mid to late 1970's.  It was a synthesizer kit and the company is called PAIA.  I built three of them and used them in recording a little group I played bass in.  My PAIAs did not survive, and were ruined by a flood in my home in 1984, but they were still working!

Below are two pictures of the PAIA 4700 series synthesizer in action (look for the arrows!) with my group Syntax.  For more info about PAIA today, go to

Syntax: Annette, Marie, Mark & Byron
The PAIA synthesizer was a staple in our musical style.

The PAIA 4700 is next to the piano for easy access.
Note the stuffed orangutan is holding a microphone!

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